Don’t we all title first posts that way? (Well, there’s always “First post!”, but I never liked that much on slashdot or anywhere since.) At any rate, I’ve felt for a long time that I should be writing a (professional) development blog, and now here we are.

Who is this guy, anyway?

Well, there’s always the About page.

As of this post, I’m a polyglot developer whose current job is writing back-end .NET. I marinate in C# at work and study F#, Haskell, and maybe a bit of Idris on my own time. I expect actor-model architectures and functional reactive programming to take over the world… eventually. I also expect to look back on this post in five years and roll my eyes so hard I sprain something.

What’s going on here?

My writing tends towards the polemic.

I’m probably going to write a lot about development at the coding level, since that’s most of what I do. I like code that’s terse, expressive, robust, and well tested, but fundamentally I like code that does its job correctly. You’ll get posts about testing, readability, and quite possibly the latest shiny feature, tool, or idiom I’ve come across.

I’m also interested in methods and cultures, both within and across organizations. I’m approaching this partly from the perspective of an enthusiastic new convert to domain-driven design, and partly from trying to grok the elements of hacking on software with other people that make it great, or make it suck – aiming for more of the former and less of the latter.

There’s plenty of overlap.

What’s up with the name?

I don’t do much cache-invalidation these days.